We use a set of core policies to ensure that we do business the right way. Our values are just part of what make us who we are, and we adopt them in order to get our job done in the best way possible – so that both us and our customers are happy.

Open Company

Sharing information within our company is one of our core principles. The team at iLancashire understand that your mind requires equal parts of brains, thoughtfulness and caring to think of what to say and decide when and how to say it.


Get it Right First Time

“Measure twice, cut once”. Whether you’re building a bird house or a business this is great advice and something that we go by here. We infuse passion and efficiency into everything we do, and we use our wisdom to explore all options with the greatest of care. Then we get to work and make that cut.


Value all Customers

Without happy customers, we simply wouldn’t exist. Customers to use are what blood is to the human body, or what oil is to a car engine. We consider the customer perspective eat all times before we do anything else.


Team Players

We spend a lot of our lives at work. So in our eyes the more of this time that doesn’t feel like actual work, the better. It’s possible to be serious without taking oneself too seriously, and this is exactly what we do. Our aim is to put the team’s needs first – whether that’s in the boardroom or on the football pitch.


Move with the times

Everyone at iLancashire has the courage and the resourcefulness to embrace change. This is so that we can become better people, make better products and – above all – create change. Continuous improvement is something that we should all strive for – yet it’s down to us as individuals to attain it.