A roundup of the best mobile deals in Lancashire

Cell fix is a dream project which was established in 2014 with the vision of providing as the exclusive service provider for repairing mobiles phones & selling mobile accessories.

At Cell Fix our vision is to constantly provide our customers with extraordinary products and services that will help us to maintain our existing customer and gain more customers . We constantly work on our products, this helps us to present a product that is way different and better in quality than those available in market , because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

The mission of the company is to achieve and maintain high levels of long lasting relationship with our customer, by providing them with quality products and services that we offer with an outstanding return policy that will give positive encouragement and hence will increase the trust of our customers in our product and services that we offer, resulting us to achieve high levels of market share.

At Cell Fix we’ve been repairing new and old mobile phones since 2014 and have built a huge base of satisfied individual and corporate clients. Whether it’s the newest iPhone 12 Mini deals and offers or a really basic Doro phone for granny, we can repair it! Lancashire friendly smile and welcome are guaranteed. Or check out somewhere like uSwitch for mobile phones too.

UK based, friendly service

Based in UK we have a walk-in on the spot repair centre with skilled mobile phone repair technicians at hand to fix any mobile phone faults you have. Cell Fix provide you a complete repair & Unlock service at any time in a week that offer competitive rates. Set your mobile phone to all networks Unlocking 95% of the mobile phones on the market.

We buy second hand phones from the public and recycle them the best way, by reconditioning them back to full use for someone else to enjoy. Phone will be purchased from the customer with Identification such as a Passport or Drivers licence. We check the phones parts, such as speakers, microphones, displays, buttons and connector ports to ensure it works to its optimum performance. Replace any faulty parts, clean the insides often re-house the mobile to look like new.

There are plenty of similar places in Lancashire, you can find the list at here.


Plans to upgrade historic Blackpool church including extension and bell tower repairs

An historic Blackpool church got an early Christmas present this year ahead of major repairs.

The Holy Trinity Church on Dean Street received £12,913 from the National Churches Trust to fund repair work on its tower.

“Increased availability of use will influence a greater reach in the community and therefore provide a social and economic boost. The design of the new porch will make visitors feel more welcomed into the church, as they will no longer have to use the largely hidden and rundown porch at the end of the driveway.”

St Mark’s is a locally listed building within Layton which is due to gain conservation area status. Construction began in 1925 in a neo-romanesque architectural style, and replaced a former mission church which had been on the site since 1909.

This follows on from a successful but ultimately doomed campaign down in East London, to save the historic foundry or bell tower. The Secretary of State eventually overruled the campaign.

Huw Edwards, vice-President of the National Churches Trust said: “This will help ensure that these historic churches, two of the finest examples of architecture in their towns, are able to continue in the service of local people.”

The building is still curiously listed on the At Risk register.


Lancashire’s answer to HPI Checks (A review)

There is constantly a hazard when buying a trade-in vehicle, yet being cautious and doing your diligence is always a good idea.

Even in Lancashire car crime is pretty bad.

Some HPI Checks will limit chances of you being left with a vehicle which has a concealed history. You may have the option to see a bare tire or corroded ledge, yet in the event that the vehicle has been discounted by an insurance agency, taken or has fund owing on it then it will wind up being undeniably progressively costly.

This is the place the HPI vehicle history check is priceless. This administration permits utilized vehicle purchasers to discover progressively about a vehicle’s history before they focus on a buy. It is utilized by practically all vendors but at the same time is accessible to the overall population.

• Get a free vehicle report and find out aobut its history at this website.

It’s known as a HPI Check on the grounds that the organisation HPI (“Hire Purchase Investigation”) was one of the first to give vehicle checks to vehicle purchasers. Albeit initially it just checked for extraordinary fund, it presently covers protection discount, mileage and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This administration has been around for various years – the organization HPI was established in 1938 – while HPI’s data was made accessible to the general population in 1993, and the online HPI Check administration showed up in 2001. Today, the HPI Check is the business standard for vehicle history checks, with more than 80 purposes of data accumulated, albeit different organisations, for example, the AA, RAC and Auto Trader likewise give vehicle data checks.


How much does an HPI Check cost today?

The HPI Check service costs around £20 when done via HPI Check, and is money well spent. If you do buy a car that still has finance outstanding, not only is it illegal for the vendor to sell the car, but the finance company (which technically owns the car while the finance is being repaid) can repossess the vehicle, irrespective of the fact that you’ve bought it.

What doesn’t the car check tell you?

Well, that’s a tricky one. Tthe check will confirm how many previous keepers a vehicle has, but be aware of this friend: it won’t tell you who those owners were – so in that sense it won’t help you research extra details of the car’s history, for example revealing if a car has previously been owned by a car hire company.

So if you want to find out who the owners are then you must contact DVLA.

There are cheaper alternatives, like the one linked above ( claims to be free. Of course, not all the checks are free — only some. But you will find many solutions and alternative websites rather than forking out £20 for a check. Most of them are half this price…!